Individualized Math Support

Tutoring for Students
One-on-one tutoring sessions that are fun, interactive, personal, and engaging! We will work together to reduce any math anxiety and improve your confidence by helping you identify strategies and build understanding of the meaning behind concepts.

This will not be a high-pressured environment to test your mental math abilities!

I encourage students to learn how to use all available tools and resources, so bring your calculator or multiplication chart along for the ride. I want you to become informed about how you learn best so you can effectively problem solve and think critically about any math topic.

Free initial one-hour consultation to better determine your goals, needs, and whether we would be a good fit! 

Ms. Stewart is an amazing tutor! She’s worked with my son over the past several years. She’s taken the time to understand his learning challenges and help develop strategies to address them. She always comes to his sessions well prepared and he actually looks forward to them. Math was never his favorite subject as it was so difficult. It is now one of his favorites and he is doing very well. I’m particularly impressed that she works with him to help him understand what he needs to do to succeed in both his homework and tests. He has developed the self-confidence he needs and is his own advocate in school. I highly recommend her! Lisa W.

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