Strategic Math Instruction

Teacher Support & Training

One-on-one coaching sessions online or in person to help math teachers learn how to incorporate strategies that will help students who learn differently. Every teacher has access to online resources and some curriculum materials provided by their school, but many do not have mentors that can offer them support when the workday is over.

I would not have lasted as a classroom teacher for nearly 10 years without amazing support from other colleagues and professionals. I want to ensure we don’t lose talented young teachers to burnout by being your partner outside of the classroom so you have the time and energy to have an impact inside the classroom!

Math teachers working with students with learning disabilities, especially new math teachers, need and benefit from additional personalized support after the workday is over to help them in one of the most demanding and stressful careers. Perhaps you are even a department chair who has a new, energized, hard-working colleague who could benefit from this additional support and you would like to recommend me as a veteran mentor to help sustain their professional growth.

Leverage Technology

We can practice with and improve your familiarity with technology, visual models, or manipulatives before introducing them in the classroom.

Unlock Misconceptions

Brainstorm and provide you with information about 1) what prevents many students from learning or applying a math concept or procedure correctly and 2) give you the strategies to combat these stumbling blocks.

Targeted Instruction

Learn how to collect data on student understanding and how to analyze it to improve your instruction and better meet the needs of your students.

Strategic Planning

Develop classroom organization and routines, lesson structure, activities to introduce new concepts, and build notes, classwork, homework, study guides, and formative and summative assessments that align to state standards.

Online Resources

Students and teachers need to be able to access resources across multiple platforms and I am willing to find the resources you need to free up some of your time so you can use your energy to think critically about your own teaching and the needs of your students. You can even check out some of my own video tutorials for students, teachers, and parents.

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Custom Materials

I can also create custom materials for your classroom, such as appropriately scaffolded worksheets, exit tickets, hands-on activities to explore objectives, and even videos to teach/re-teach content specifically for your students! 


Please Note: Link below is not currently active. Please check back in the near future for updates.


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